¡Now you can put the Airbag in your RPM Racing Suit! 

Thanks to the agreement with the company AIROBAG, at RPM Spirit you can now order your suit prepared for the Airbag Race for adults and children in order to minimize the impact in the event of an accident and thus greatly reduce serious injuries.

Once activated, the Race Airbag will cover your thorax, clavicle, cervical area and spine, thus reducing the following injuries:

  • Neck protection: reduces head trauma and reduces the whiplash effect or cervical hyper extension. The possibility of a clavicle fracture due to helmet impact is also reduced.
  • Back and chest protection: reduces the possibility of chest trauma and spinal cord injuries.

How work it?

We have prepared a special pocket where the Race Airbag is inserted, this pocket can be attached in a very simple way both in our Racing suits and in our jackets that we have previously modified, that is, you can exchange the Race Airbag in a very simple way according to your needs of use and NOT, it does not work for your current motorbike suits or jacket since you need some modifications to absorb the increase in size due to the expansion that the garment undergoes once the Airbag is activated.

The Airbag is activated once it is unhooked from the handle and the inflation time is 120 milliseconds. It also has an insurance that prevents it from being activated accidentally due to a mistake of not disconnecting it when getting off the motorcycle. Once activated, it can be reloaded so easily by unscrewing the CO2 cartridge and re-threading another and best of all, you can do it yourself in just 1min and at a cost of € 4! Who said that shooting with maximum safety was expensive? 


The price of mounting the Airbag Race is:

  • Modification of suit + pocket + ribs protectors: € 40
  • Airbag Race + 2 refills: € 350
  • Refills € 4 / unit 

The Airbag is NOT necessary to purchase it together with the motorcycle suit, that is, it can be purchased later. The important thing is that the suit is adapted for the moment of acquiring the Airbag to be able to attach it easily.


There are currently 2 sizes, the adult size and the junior size. The junior size is for children from 150cm and 40kg (from 10-11 years old).


Any model on our website can be adapted for the airbag system.

Frequent Questions

  1. Is the Airbag mechanical or electronic? It is mechanical.
  2. Is it tied to the motorcycle? where? Yes, it is usually attached to the bike under the seat or on the chassis.
  3. Is it annoying? For now, all those who have tried it both on the road and on the road have not reported any problem.
  4. If I forget to untie the airbag cable when getting off the bike, is it activated? No, because it has a safety that means that you have to exert a minimum force to activate it.
  5. Can I recharge the Airbag myself? Yes, in fact it is very easy, simply unscrew the cartridge, deflate the Airbag and screw another, in -1min you have it ready.
  6. How much is the recharge worth? The current price of recharging with insurance is € 4.
  7. Is it reliable? For now, the mechanical Airbag is more reliable than the electronic one as well as economical.
  8. Can I put it in my current motorbike suit? No, you need to make some modifications so that the suit can absorb the volume that the Airbag occupies when inflated.
  9. Can I have several suits of your brand but just only 1 Airbag? Yes, in fact we have thought about that and exchanging the airbag between suits will take you less than 1 min.
  10. Can anyone wear it? In principle, any adult man or woman and children with a minimum wingspan of 150cm and 40kg can wear the Airbag.
  11. When activated, does it hurt or annoy? Cold tested, it tightens and it shows but does not hurt, it can be a bit annoying, especially when the suit is new.


For more detailed information or if you want us to send a video of the activation of the Airbag you can contact 679975073, Raúl