The sliders are the only thing in all of our equipment that we love to wear as soon as possible, we don't care about anything and the fact is that wearing them soon means that you have rolled like a demon and have enjoyed like a child. If what you want is to reduce times, playing a lot with the sliders is counterproductive since it will steal a few thousandths that can be precious and for that the best are some sliders with high slideability and that also provide “feeling”. If, on the other hand, you want some spectacular track photos, there are sliders that release a good burst of sparks when brushing against the asphalt thanks to their titanium inserts, but remember that they are not allowed in competition. If you are looking for something more battle, nothing better than our RPM motorcycle sliders with a more than acceptable durability and slideability with a special price for you for the purchase of one of our RPM motorcycle suits.
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