1-What difference is there between a Sport suit, a Racing suit and a Competition?

Between a Sport and a Racing the only difference is that the Sport is 2 pieces and the Racing is 1 piece. If you are going to enter the circuit very often, Racing is the most recommended because it is more comfortable on the motorcycle and safer as it does not have the jacket / pants connection zipper.
Between a Sport / Racing and a Competition is that the latter has the upper Kevlar elastic, is sewn with Kevlar thread, more pre-curved cotton and also has double leather reinforcement on the shoulders. However, although Competition is somewhat superior to Racing, our Racing is very high in quality, comfort, weight and resistance. It is the suit most used by our customers. If you are not going to compete, a Competition is not necessary since Racing and Sport are enough.

2-At a more technical level, what materials do you use?

Sport and Racing: 1.2-1.3mm titanium calf on shoulders and elbows and knees, aerodynamic hump, German thread, anti-brush metal zippers, double leather reinforcements in critical areas, anti-drag seams, Kevlar type 2 , shock absorbing PU protections on shoulders, elbows, knees and hips and triple reinforcement stitching. You will not see any of our monkey whose seams open up due to a good dragging!
Competition: Beef 1.2-1.3mm (0.9mm kangaroo in the case of Kanguro Competition), and the rest is the same as Sport / Racing except that the Kevlar is Keprotect type 1, Sewn with 4 kevlar thread strands and includes the double leather reinforcement also on the shoulders.

3-How exactly is the order placed??

A suit can have 3 different configurations and the price depends on the configuration you choose, if you want it in Sport mode, Racing mode or Competition mode.
The color change is free (except for a special color), that is, any design on our website that you like, you can change the color to your liking and add the logos you want. Each suit has its template that you can download and “customize” to taste or if you want the customization we will do it in Photoshop until you achieve the design you want. Of course, we do not make sketches until we receive the payment and signal of the suit. If you want a motorcicle suit that is from outside our website, the price increases depending on the complexity of the design it has.


  •  Sport and Racing in standard size from XS to 3XL are € 590 + logos
  • Custom Sport and Racing is € 650 + logos
  • Competition is € 695 + logos
  • Kanguro are € 995 + logos

As for the logos, we have some very interesting Packs of 10-15-20 and 30 logos. That is, if you want to put 17 logos on the motorcycle suit, you should take a Pack of 20. It costs a lot, you can also share the Pack, that is, if for example two people come and put 6 logos each, you can take the pack 15 logos, in this way you both take advantage of the offer.

The prices of the packs are::



Every Logo

Up to 9 

8€ UND


Pack 10 

60 €

6 €

Pack 15 



Pack 20 

80 €


Pack 30  100 €


Also if you want to give a really impressive touch to the motorcycle suit, the ideal is to put printed designs on it. You can do them wherever you want, although it is recommended in arms, legs and hump cover since they are the areas where they suffer the least. The prices are:



Arms (both)

40 €

Different arms design

60 €

Arms, legs and cap

60 €

Arms, legs and cover different design

60 €

4-The measurements can be taken by you, what happens if something is wrong?

Yes, of course, the measurements can be taken by us personally if you approach our store or associated stores. In case there is a problem with the motorcycle suit once you receive it, we have repair and adjustment service. In principle the expenses are at our expense and I say in principle as long as it has not been a monumental error due to the client, some last minute change once the suit is finished or a considerable increase or decrease in weight by the client that may affect the measurements or design initially provided.

5- Way to pay?

The payment of the motorcycle suit can be 50% in advance and the rest at the end of the suit, usually about 4 weeks.
You can also finance the motorcycle suit
If you want to see some of our fabulous work you can enter our client gallery here: https://rpmspirit.com/galeria-monos-moto/
Any other question we will be happy to solve it.

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